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Margaret Haines
Born in United States
89 years
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Never, will there ever be another... "Nanny."

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Margaret S Haines who was born in United States Oklahoma on January 1, 1918 and passed away on June 21, 2007. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

To us all, Margaret S. Haines was Nanny.  She always has been and always will be.  I had only known Nanny for 8 years.  I was engaged to her Grandson, Kris Haines, until May 20th, 2006 when we were joined together for life.  Nanny ALWAYS made me feel as though I were part of their family, even though I was not yet legally binded!  She and Paw-Paw were married 61 Years!  June 29th.  Wow.  There are no words for a marriage like they have.  They were inseperable.  Amazingly, Unique people.

Walking into her home, the 1st thing that I would ever see, was Nanny either standing in the kitchen or sitting in the livingroom.  Her face would always light up when company arrived.  She would always invite you in by saying... Come in and sit down for a while.  Everyone always felt at home around her.  Nanny would always offer you something to eat and insist on it even if you were not hungry!  She would always walk you out to your car when you were leaving and she would always slip you money!  If Paw-Paw gave you money, Nanny would double it on the way out!  She would always crack you up even if you were in a bad mood or unhappy, she would always say something silly and make you laugh.  

Nanny was such a unique person.  Her faith in God never faultered.  She never grew bitter or angry of anyone.  She loved her husband with all of her soul and might.  They had an incredible 61 year relationship which I hope to have with my Husband someday.  They never fought over money, over material things, nothing.  They had the kind of marriage that any couple would be lucky to have in todays world.  She had the greatest love for her family.  Nanny never fell short of love when it was needed.  She stood by you in your time of need.  She had your back, to say the least.  Her family knew her 20 times better than I.  But I would not trade my time with her, for anything else in the world.  She was the most innocent little lady I ever met!  There has never been anyone in my life like little Nanny.  Nothing or no one will ever take her place in this world.

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How Cute Are They? Paw-Paw Talking About the Haines Family Reunion Nanny Talking to Cooper & Madelyn! Christmas 2001 Our Nanny! Nanny Opening our Gift 61 Years Together! Most Precious Couple Ever. Vernice, Sandra, Nanny, & Paw-Paw Nanny w/ 2 of her Children and her Sister Edith. Nanny Sniffing the Christmas Present Kris & I Gave Her! Nanny Loving Our Present! Nanny & Paw-Paw : 61 Years Together Nanny Holding Abby @ Our Wedding Shower. Randy Escorting Nanny @ Karen's Wedding